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Government Standard Access Keys

If you have difficulty in using a mouse or similar devices you can use keyboard shortcuts. We follow the Government access key system, and information on how to use each of the keyboard shortcuts available is below. They enable you to navigate using only the keyboard to the important sections of the website. However, we have kept our keyboard shortcuts to a minimum so as not to interfere with other access devices e.g. screen readers or special browsers, that have a multitude of keyboard commands.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts
The actual keys you press to jump to different parts of a web page depends on your browser software and type of computer. Microsoft Internet Explorer has supported access keys since version 4 for PC and version 5 for Apple Macintosh. Only the latest versions (version 6 or later) of browsers like Netscape Navigator support access keys. It is advisable to have the latest versions of your Internet Browser, to ensure that you are able to view any new technologies or standards that are implemented in any web pages. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of your Browser Software by following the external links provided below.

Windows PC Apple Macintosh
Microsoft Internet Explorer IE Alt [key number] Enter Ctrl [key number] Enter
Netscape Netscape Alt [key number] Ctrl [key number]
Mozilla Mozilla Alt [ke number] Ctrl [key number]
Opera Opera Shift + Esc [key number] Shift + Esc [key number]

Government Standard Access Keys
[0] Government Standard Access Keys
[1] Home
[2] Not in use
[3] Not in use
[4] Not in use
[5] Not in use
[6] Help
[7] Not in use
[8] Not in use
[9] Not in use

Custom Access Keys
[X] Accessibility
[Y] Form (first field)
[Z] Skip Navigation

Due to the structure of this web site please note that some UK government standard access keys have not been implemented.

To update your browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer IE PC | MAC
Netscape Netscape All software Netscape
Mozilla Mozilla All software Mozilla
Opera Opera All software Opera
Safari Safari Safari MAC
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